About The Forum Towers' Blazon of Arms

The Forum Towers' Coat of Arms was specially commissioned with a world famous Artist, who has chosen to remain anonymous to avoid the media spotlight. The Coat of Arms comprises a shield supported by an Airedale Terrier rampant gardant (wearing a leopard skin pill-box hat) and a llama rampant. The supporters rest on beds of eggless Yorkshire puddings.
The shield is partitioned quarterly as follows.
1 – a reference to the forum’s beginnings
2 – a chicken of Ukrainian nationality
3 – grapes to produce fayn wayn
4 – a magnolia blossom
The shield is surmounted by a shed roof and the quadrants bear a central roundel in the form of one of Kirstie’s big buttons.
Mantling – the shield is bordered by a computer mouse and a scattering of crushed peanuts.
Motto – Districtum nil facens – Busy doing nothing.

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